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The Intersection of work and family

Lisa Stern and Lauren Boxer have lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for most of their adult lives. Before having children, Lisa practiced law, and Lauren worked in TV news production. Lisa and Lauren met at the playground, in 2005, with their then-toddlers. They started an ongoing conversation, which continues to this day, about the intersection of work and family.


Lauren Boxer & Lisa Stern

Moving Forward Manhattan, LLC


While raising their families in New York City, Lisa and Lauren also spent significant time helping their aging parents and in-laws with several stages of downsizing and moving, recognizing the unique challenges of doing so in New York. Lisa and Lauren discovered a growing need for senior move managers, and in 2018, they launched Moving Forward Manhattan, LLC. Lisa and Lauren found that their years of professional experience, combined with their personal experiences of raising children in New York City and helping older family members with their moves, provided a strong foundation to turn their interest in returning to the work force, and passion for helping seniors, into a senior move management business.

Moving Forward Manhattan, LLC is an insured member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

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